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The following four factors are mainly considered when manufacturing and selecting grinding wheels.

  • Abrasive
  • Bond
  • Concentration
  • Hardness
When grinding, abrasive is the main part of grinding wheel and its quality directly affects grinding results. Due to the different manufacturing process, CBN abrasives of different brands and different grit sizes have different crystal forms and shapes, so their strength, thermal stability, chemical resistance, fragmentation property are different. Therefore, the abrasive brand and size should be selected according to the process and application requirements of grinding wheels.
Grinding wheels of different bond have different features and application scopes. Among the four kinds of bond of CBN wheels, vitrified CBN wheels are of the fastest development and become the first choice for grinding of high efficiency and high precision.
Concentration of grinding wheels indicates the number of grinding grains on the grinding surface of grinding wheels when processing. High concentration can bring high grinding ratio. Increasing concentration can reduce the surface roughness of workpiece, as a result, it can increase grinding force and produce higher grinding heat as well.
Hardness of grinding wheels indicates the holding force of bond to the abrasives. It is an important indicator of manufacturer’s process control and a main parameter for users to select. So hardness of grinding wheel should be selected according to the grinding requirements.