Schaeffler Holding (China) Co., Ltd. Visit Xinlun Kunshan Production Base

On the morning of 23rd March 2018, more than 10 people of purchasing, producing and technology from Schaeffler Holding (China) Co., Ltd., visited kunshan production base of Shanghai Xinlun Superabrasives Co., Ltd. for investigation and exchange. Chairman Mr. Mao Guanghua and General Manager Mr. Deng Xiqing of our company, as well as the heads of relevant departments, took part in communication and interaction.

General Manager Mr. Deng Xiqing firstly introduced the company’s development history, market performance, new product research and development, new production base construction and relocation, and future development plan, etc. Both sides affirmed that since 2012 we started to cooperate, Shanghai Xinlun Superabrasives Co., Ltd. has achieved and consolidated its strategic cooperative partnership with Schaeffler by providing high-quality products, considerate services and mature grinding solutions, and has been recognized by Schaeffler as the preferred domestic manufacturer to replace imported grinding products. The establishment of strategic partnership between the two companies has become a model for the cooperation between the domestic grinding industry and the world’s top processing and manufacturing industry. Both sides also discussed and exchanged views on the current situation of grinding technology, grinding process market and the development direction of grinding, exchanged views on the future of grinding processing and looked forward to the bright future of bilateral cooperation. Later, when looking around the new production workshop, the visitors highly appreciated the strict management of the process production process and the strict standardization of the production workshop.