Xinlun Superabrasives Won 2022 "Best Technology Cost Reduction" award

On November 25, 2022,"Schaeffler Greater China 2022 Annual Supplier Conference" was heldin Taicang. Shanghai Xinlun Superabrasives Co., Ltd. was invited to attend theconference and awarded "Best Technology Cost Reduction" of SchaefflerGreater China Supplier 2022. This is the second award that Xinlun won afterbeing named "Excellent Supplier" of Schaeffler in 2016.

Representatives fromSchaeffler Greater China management, Greater China Purchasing Department,factory and related functional departments, about 300 supplier representatives,and nearly 400 participants attend the conference online and offline, focusingon the development trend of the industry and seeking sustainable development.

Schaeffler GreaterChina has set up eight special awards to recognize supplier partners who havemade outstanding contributions to the development of Schaeffler's business indifferent areas, including "Supplier of the Year", "Best Quality","Sustainable Development", "Strategic Supplier", "BestTechnology Cost Reduction" and so on. A total of 26 suppliers havereceived awards. Shanghai Xinlun Superabrasives Co., Ltd.   won "Best Technology CostReduction" award, and is the only one grinding wheels supplier ofSchaeffler Greater China.

Since the cooperationwith Schaeffler in 2012, Xinlun Superabrasives has been committed to provide customizevitrified CBN grinding wheels with "high speed, high efficiency, highprecision, long tool life, energy saving and environmental protection" forSchaeffler. Xinlun's products with high cost effectiveness, short delivery timeand fast response service, continue to reduce cost and increase efficiency forSchaeffler. At the same time, Xinlun has benefited a lot from the deepcooperation with Schaeffler.

It is of great honorfor Xinlun to win this honor. Xinlun will take serving world-class enterprises wellas an opportunity to realize Xinlun's dream of market globalization.